For many of us summer is an exciting time yet it seems to go so quickly. I live in an area of four seasons but one (winter) is extremely long and often very cold. Summer for us is refreshing and coveted. It is often a time for rest, relaxation as well as reflection. This morning I reflected back upon the year. This has been one of many changes – a pruning – yet also a transition into what I perceive to be my actual destiny.

I know I was launched many years ago but this pruning has shifted me toward something higher.

Have you ever felt that you did not quite understand where you were heading, why you even desired that path, or even questioned how you even landed where you currently are? This morning I understood Solomon a bit more. He pondered life as well.

So here are some of my conclusions and hopefully they will help you in your journey as well.

First, our ways are not God’s ways and our thoughts do not often line up with His. So even though I did not chose all the twists and turns of life, I am right where I am suppose to be. My path is right because God definitely chose it for me. He knew what was perfect for me. He approved and qualified me for the assignment he created me for. As a result, I get to accomplish great things for his Kingdom.

Second, the fight within me to challenge this path has definitely slowed down. I have resolved to the call he gave me. Accepting our call is essential in completing the will of God. So I stopped rejecting the call and began embracing it. Sometimes this is difficult because we value what others think more than accept the gifts and capabilities God has placed within. Remember, He is the one who designed you and gave you everything you need for your assignment. He will take you through any barrier and carry you over the finish line.

Third, expect to finish. Doubt is not your friend! Expect all God has for you. Look for it as beautiful treasures hidden around you. It was determined for you before you were even born. His promises are true. But if we never expect or look, we will not receive. Now I am looking and expecting with excitement for that which is next in my journey. What are you expecting?

May your journey explode with the greatness God has for you and you look forward to crossing that finish line!