The last three months have been very busy with just about every weekend full of responsibilities. I have traveled several of those weekends staying in either hotels or homes. I began to notice how important having a secret place is needed. It is difficult to retreat in that secret place when you are in the midst of people. Have you ever acknowledged a buzzing inside your head? For me, I am face to face with people for up to seven or eight hours a day. Then if I travel on the weekends for engagements I am directly involved with groups of people. Add to this responsibility that which comes from family and friends. The secret place is a must!

Psalm 37 tells us to ‘be still before the Lord and wait patiently for him’. This can become a major challenge – not easy in the midst of a busy world. Life draws us away from being still and pulls us into its chaos. This chapter contrasts the wicked with the righteous so if we want to become one of the righteous, being still is not an option but a requirement.

Check out the benefits – we get to enjoy safe pasture, receive the desires of our hearts, have our righteousness shine like the dawn, inherit the land and enjoy great peace, makes our steps firm, be held up by the Lord, and our children will be blessed. Guess I need to settle all the needless chatter within my head and pursue being still in that secret place.

So the question is how do I do this? Multitasking has become my life style so managing this is integrated into my daily routine. I walk and concentrate on the Lord or mediate on a Scripture I have read. I worship even when sitting before people and seek wisdom has become a natural response to everything that comes into my path. The secret place needs be incorporated into our daily routine. Jesus showed us this as he constantly looked to his Father for everything. Yes, he did make that special time for quietness, deep prayer, and conversation and we must as well. Life can be challenging so making that secret place in the midst of chaos is what will help us survive. It is the very thing that gives us strength to continue, wisdom for all the questions thrown at us, and peace in the storm of the day.