Recently I have noticed the widening of the divide between those who operate in the wisdom of God and those who trust in the world’s wisdom.  As I compared these two extremes, it reminded me of my trip to Israel.  We were traveling near the border of Jordan returning from the Dead Sea.  On the Israel side, the land was lush and green with miles of date palms, olive groves, almond and fig trees.  On the Jordan side, a desert existed, brown, barren, desolate and covered with sand.  Our tour guide explained how a decision was made to seek the Lord regarding growing crops and being able to provide for their own country.  This stark comparison is similar to what is happening today between those who choose to trust in God’s wisdom and those who trust in the world’s wisdom which I will call folly.

Folly or foolish ones:

Cling to deception

Fight against the facts

Turn a deaf ear to God

Laugh at his counsel and correction

Remain stubborn in the midst of calamity

Close our eyes to truth


We get to eat the bitter fruit of our own 

Live in dread, distress, and destruction

Be destroyed by complacency

Wise ones:

Receive God’s spirit of wisdom which he is ready to pour out

God’s revelation will make us wise.

The one who listens to God will live undisturbed in a heavenly peace.

Free from fear



Rest unafraid

Be sheltered from life’s storms

Which will you choose?  One is prosperity while the other remains barren.  Proverbs 1 highlight these differences and we get to decide which side we want to live in.  It should be an easy choice but there is only a couple of requirements.  To become wise, we must listen and love the Lord.  The wisdom of the world is enticing but it soon becomes a trap, one that is difficult to get out of.  Consider Proverbs 2:6-8 before you make your choice.

“Wisdom is a gift from a generous God and every word he speaks is full of revelation and becomes a fountain of understanding with you.  For the Lord has a hidden storehouse of wisdom made accessible to his godly lovers.  He becomes your person bodyguard as you follow his ways, protecting and guarding you as you choose what is right.”