This morning I gave a message on The Threshing Floor. Now at first a topic like the threshing floor sounds depressing but the reality of the threshing floor is more than being beaten down or sifted. It is more about wearing the victor’s crown! Neither Gideon or Ruth understood the significance of the threshing floor when they were on it. They just knew they were in dire situations and were willing to do whatever it took to survive. The steps they took challenged every part of their being. They both felt helpless in their situations.

So often we too look at our circumstances from a place of confusion and hopelessness. The threshing floor is not a great place to be but it can turn our situation into a place of victory. Too many of us come into the Christmas season carrying loss and hurt. For several years, not completely understanding why, I dreaded the Christmas season. Depression would loom over me like a heavy rug. I recall attending a conference in another state when a woman prophesied over me. She saw a heavy rug draped over me that was dragging me down and pushing me into despair. I remember her challenging words to confront the heaviness that was placed upon me by other people. I took the challenge and heaviness was removed. From that point on, I decided that staying under the heaviness would no longer be an option for me. I now wear the victor’s crown and no longer battle with depression.

The threshing floor is where the battle takes place to receive victory. It is not a place to live. Gideon and Ruth found the threshing floor as a place to fight for provision. It took courage to do what the Lord was asking them to do but because they believed and were obedient in spite of the challenges that encircled them. They received a new identity, abundant blessings, and favor.

God wants to make us into a new threshing instrument with sharp teeth so that we can make every mountain that looms before us a dust. Isaiah 41:15 says we will pulverize the mountains – make them small. This scripture tells us that ‘he will strengthen us; will help us, will hold on to us with his righteous right hand. Those that enrage against us will be ashamed and disgraced, those who contend with us will become as nothing, in fact, we won’t find them. All because he is the Lord.’

This season should be full of hope, joy, and love. It is a precious time of year that celebrates Christ’s birth and recognizes Him as savior. This is a victory song! He crushed everything that loomed over him and became King and today wears the victor’s crown so we can also have victory.

I heard the Lord say to me two things.: It is time to fight; and Hold your head high. So let’s fight to get off the threshing floor so we can receive the victor’s crown over every circumstances we are in. Let’s hold our heads high so we can carry this crown well for the Lord. We are overcomers because he is always with us. Do not underestimate what he can do for you. Expect favor during this season, walk out in joy and let love overflow to all those you come in contact with.

Take a step forward this Christmas season and crush anything that tries to destroy your happiness.

Merry Christmas!