The little four-year old excitedly ran up to me asking if I wanted to play hide and seek. I joined his excitement by counting while he ran eagerly off to find the right hiding place. I could hear him giggle as he crawled into an empty coffee table and closed the two doors that hide him away. His excitement mounted as I strolled through the house shouting his name. “Where are you?”, I repeated even though I knew where he had hidden. Bursting out in laughter, the boy jumped out of his hiding place and yelled, “I am right here!”

There is a message in this scenario that I believe the Lord wants us to hear. As those attending church is declining due to its lack of power and effect, many are staying home but are in their secret place with the Lord. These hidden places along with what God is doing within it vary but each place and person has significant value in his eyes. I sense excitement is mounting as these hidden ones receive downpours from heaven – receiving their assignments from the heavenly throne of God. God knows where we are but he is patiently strolling throughout giving us time to allow what he wants to accomplish in us to penetrate our hearts and minds. He is preparing us for a harvest like none has seen before. Some of us have sat in the hiding place wondering when we will be found or discovered. Others have come out of very dry places and are now entering in with intense passion and are ready to push the doors open. Still others are timid and peek out questioning the what and how.

The table had two doors that opened from the center. And when the boy thrust the doors open, he burst out with gusto full of joy and readiness to be discovered. He could no longer stay in that place but wanted to be found. I believe the Lord has given us the green light to be discovered. This is the right time to burst through doors that God is opening up right now. Go forth in joy with a gusto that pleases our Heavenly Father. It is time to for the fullness of the Holy Spirit to be demonstrated.

His promises still stand – He does remove mountains, performs miracles, demonstrates his power, heals, and causes nations to turn to Him. It is not a time to peek through the cracks. We must thrust the doors open wide and walk out in the gift of faith excited for our part expanding the Kingdom of God. The religious system may be dry but God has an army full of life and light with the call to bring in the harvest. Jump out and yell, “I am right here!”

I pray for God’s presence to be poured out so that you receive the fullness of what he has in store for you. Lord, breathe upon them your joy as they step out in courage and a tenacity for that which you have burned upon their hearts.