The Lord speaks so powerfully through dreams and visions. This dream, I believe, is significant for so many of us. The world is squeezing us on all sides and it is now time to stand up for what we believe.

I had a dream where myself and two others were brought into a large, majestic house. We were ushered into exquisite bedrooms where we unloaded our things. At first we were treated as royalty but this was short lived. The scenes would change as our rooms were suddenly switched to smaller spaces and our things reduced. It seemed we were being replaced by new people coming into the house. Eventually our rooms became only spots where we could lay our head. These areas became darker and the furnishings became more desolate. The last location I found myself in was in the basement in the corner of a very dark spot. I could not find my things and neither could the two who were with me. We became overwhelmed with confusion and could feel the evil around us. We huddled together to create a plan of escape. Unfortunately, our plan was quickly discovered and we were placed in a dark, maze type room with many hallways. As we tried to find our way out, the hallways became smaller and smaller closing us in on all sides. It was so dark that you could not see in front of you so I asked the Lord to show me His light and his path out. I heard a resounding voice that said, Look up! When I looked up all I saw was a speck of light. I was curled up in a crawl space at this time thinking this is where I will be for the rest of my life. 

The loud voice came again and I realized it was within me. It yelled, ‘Stand up!’ I looked up, noticed the speck of light, and forced myself to get up thinking I am just going to hit my head against the ceiling. Instead my head and upper body went through a paper thin covering that ripped very easily. With my body standing straight up, I was shocked at the view.

We were on a large airport with many runways. Across the runways were square shaped boxes covered with brown paper. It went on for miles and miles. All the airplanes were grounded.

I heard the Lord say, “Tell them to stand up!” So I yelled at the top of my lungs, “Stand up!” Immediately you heard the sound of ripped paper all across the runway. People everywhere were ripping through their perceived ceilings and standing up. Some were moaning and crying saying they could not do it. Encouragement was spoken from many saying ‘Yes, you can. It is only paper.’ Some even tore through paper thin walls to help others who could not stand up on their own. Excitement was rampant as people stood up with their hands raised in the air. All across the runway, you could see people standing, praising, and glorifying God who had given them their freedom. 

Then rain drops began to fall. The drops were refreshing. Everyone was looking straight up mouths wide open receiving the drops of refreshing rain. I could feel hope rise up. Suddenly the heavens opened up, the drops quickened and then it started to pour. The wet paper walls and ceilings were now useless and could not hold the people back.

I heard the Lord say, “I am not only breaking through constraints and sending refreshing rains, I am pouring out my glory. No more living in confined areas of your mind. No more living in defeat. No more being restricted by the rules of man. No more helplessness. No more. No more. No more.

Instead get ready for the more – more space in your minds for the things I have for you. More opportunities. More salvations, more healings, more miracles, more signs, more wonders, more stepping onto holy ground. I am releasing fresh rain that brings forth a harvest. It begins with you.”

At first I thought the majestic building and bedroom was a lure to trick us. But as I pondered the dream, I realized the beautiful bedroom represented intimacy with our Heavenly Father. He has given us much (our suitcases) yet because of our busyness, fear of man, wrong choices, false beliefs, we get pulled away and each time room for him is reduced. Darkness slowly enters in and our gifts get placed on the shelf. Eventually we lose our gifting, our love for intimacy, time with God, and our lives become like dark, dingy, crawl spaces where we truly are isolated from the one who is our strength. 

The Lord showed me how much of our confinement is in our own minds. These appear as strongholds but really are only paper thin lies that can be easily broken. We have to look for the light of Jesus. Even if it is only a speck of light, he has the ability to break us free. What also impressed me is that many in the body of Christ is in the same place. We need each other to stand strong in this season. We need to encourage and help each other in this journey. The planes grounded represent our assignments. It time to take the co-pilot seat and start flying again. This begins with intimacy.

I had to speak at an Unstoppable Women’s conference on the weekend after I had this dream. As I shared it, the roar that came forth with the cry to ‘Stand Up’ pierced every person there. I knew in my spirit that the Lord was directly speaking into their spirits with the command to ‘stand up’. The room came alive as each one rose to their feet in response to the command. A major shift occurred in the atmosphere as the glory of God touched every person – repentance, breakthroughs, freedom, healing and joy burst forth. 

Let the roar of the Lord pierce your heart right now to ‘STAND UP!’ My prayer is that you will break through all constraints and hindrances and receive his refreshing rain. Don’t allow defeat, restrictions of man, fear, helplessness, or unbelief prevent you from standing tall in the things of the Lord. Open up space in your minds for the greater things God has for you because you are destined to bring forth a harvest for the Kingdom of God. Let is begin today in you.