Lesson 3 Positioning Yourself for Promotion

Questions for deeper exploration

1. In what areas of your life do you need courage?
2. As you consider these areas, how would tenacity give you a voice? Boldness? Confidence?
3. Step into the eye of your storm to receive your promotion, listening for God’s plan.
4. Fast to hear God’s direction if you are unsure about your next move.
5. Now position yourself for battle allowing God to fight your battle and receive all rewards waiting for you.

Teaching points

When we position ourselves for promotion, we lean more towards the possibilities of what could be instead of what happened. As Joseph, we need to reframe our circumstances in order to accept promotions when they come. Otherwise, we remain blinded by our surroundings. Joseph remained faithful to his hopes and dreams. He never lost sight of becoming a great leader regardless of his circumstances. In every situation, he used it as a platform that eventually placed him into promotion. “Hope deferred makes the heart sick but a dream fulfilled is a tree of life” (Proverbs 13:12). Joseph had every right to lose hope and end up with a sick heart from all the terrible things that he went through. He easily could justify his misery. We can as well. Instead, he clung to the dream God had given him and as a result it grew into a tree of life for him.


Curve Balls -A curve ball is something that happens in a negative way that is unexpected or a surprise. It is usually sent to mislead or deceive. Curve balls typically come from someone you do not expect to betray you or from an event you did not expect to happen. Curve balls throw you out of balance and send you into a frenzy.


God understands darkness and he knows exactly what we need in every situation. When tenacity entered the room, its effect changed our perspective. Our stance adjusted and determination for action grew. I could hear his voice powerfully stating, “It is not over yet!” We had positioned ourselves for promotion and our hearts were revived.


Tenacity – Tenacity has the opposite effect and takes us from a fetal position of helplessness to a standing position of strength. I want to breathe upon you tenacity and determination. It is not over yet. Your position of weakness can be changed when you become determined to get up out of the fetal position and stand up. Let hope rise up and get into position for promotion.


Positioning ourselves for promotion often occurs within the darkest times of our lives.

The battle is not ours. God will fight for us but most of the time it is through us.

Embracing the tenacity gem also allows us to move away from chaos into the eye of our storms. It provides the ability to listen for his wisdom and uncover treasures that aid us in our journey. Take some time to reevaluate your circumstances. Even in your weakness, there is a tenacity gem available to help you. Set your face as flint and know the Lord will never put you to shame because he is your help (Isaiah 50:7). Get into position, for your promotion is near!