Lesson 3 – Retrieving Stolen Goods

Questions for deeper exploration

1. What in what ways have you settled for less?
2. In what ways can you decide to take a position of strength?
3. Are you hiding in the enemy’s camp or even helping the enemy succeed? Seek God for a way out.
4. Replace abandonment with goodness, weakness with strength, unworthiness to worth, sadness to joy, and lack with an overflow of blessings.
5. As you consider areas of your life where you need courage, how could tenacity give you a voice?
6. Fast to hear God’s direction if you are unsure about your next move.

Teaching points

Loss is devastating. It takes us to a depth of despair that often is paralyzing and for many of us it becomes a dark pit where we see no way out. From this place we revel in anger and hatred. For many of us it feels like we just get through one bad circumstance and something else comes along and snatches away another piece of us. The consuming locust has taken the last of what we have. What has been stolen from you – your identity, your reputation, authentic relationships, your finances, or worth?

So how will these things be restored?

We have God’s promise in Joel 2:25 and we have a tenacity gem. “So I will restore to you the years that the swarming locust has eaten, the crawling locust, the consuming locust, and the chewing locust.”

We may not get back our time but God can give back to us wasted blessings. Wasted blessings are buried treasures that are lying dormant as a result of our own wrong choices or as a result of the choices others made toward us. The battle wears us out as it did David (I Samuel 27-30). He became weary running from Saul. He made wrong choices due to being battle weary. After devastating loss, he made the choice to strengthen himself in the Lord (I Samuel 30:6). David did not sit still. He arose from his place of hopelessness and took a place of strength even though he appeared weak. We cannot stay in our hopelessness and retrieve what has been stolen from us!

Because he chose to seek the Lord for his next steps, David positioned himself for promotion. Positioning ourselves for promotion often occurs within the darkest times of our lives. It is during these times that we find ourselves trapped with nowhere to go in our time of need. David chose tenacity as we should too. Embracing the tenacity gem allows us to move away from chaos into the eye of our storms. We often forget there is always a calm within the storm and instead stay in the chaos of the situation. Chaos keeps us in a frantic state and an inability to hear. Leaning into the calm with Jesus provides the ability to listen for God’s wisdom and uncover treasures that aid us in our journey. Tenacity aligns us with exceptional determination for promotion. This is recognizing that even when we are weak, we are more than conquerors. Consider Esther’s position. She chose the eye of the storm by fasting and seeking the Lord not just for direction but also tenacity to do what she needed to do. As a result, she and her people received what had been stolen and were promoted.