What walls have been erected in your life that has prevented you from getting where you know you need to go, those very places that God has for you.  It is time to jump over our walls and enter into divine assignments.

There is no doubt that we face walls on a regular basis. Some walls are erected for our protection such as in Psalm 18 where we discover God is our fortress, our high tower.  Some walls are designed to stop us preventing us from becoming who we were created to be.  Walls come in many shapes and forms, some we have erected ourselves through disobedience, some through coming into agreement with, and some which came through our generational lines.  Walls have many names – fear, poverty, addiction, hatred, insecurity, mental instability, control, infirmity and the list goes on. 

Some walls have a height and depth that appear indestructible.   They force us to take detours that we think will get us back on the right path.  Often these detours take us further away from where God what God had determined for us.  Sometimes these detours take years before we realize how far off course we have gone. 

I have learned through life experiences that walls are only impenetrable when we give them permission to be.  What determines whether the wall can be conquered or not?  It lies within our belief system!  Walls are also called strongholds and 2 Corinthians 10:4 tells us ‘we have divine power to demolish strongholds’. 

I knew a woman who lived in fear and insecurity most of her life.  She grew up very poor and her last name had a poor reputation in the community she lived in.  Attached to it was not just the lack of finances but also a lack of becoming anyone of success or accomplishments.  In this family line was a list of destructive behaviors – alcoholism and thievery.  Her mind set came into agreement to poverty of who she was.  It remained with her throughout her life.  Yet she was caring, giving, loving, and intelligent.  Fear was her best friend and insecurity crippled her.  Her view of herself and those who knew her were opposite.  She was greatly loved and accepted by all who knew her.  I often think of her and the struggle she went through to believe she was more than what her past had determined for her.  She managed to jump over some of the walls that a poverty mindset presented to her but never conquered the big wall of fear and insecurity.  She never tapped into that divine power which could have demolished these strongholds.

For twelve years the woman with the issue of blood suffered.  Luke 8:43 tells us she could find no cure.  For twelve years she tolerated this health issue and could have determined in her mind that she would live the rest of her life with it.  Instead she decided to press in with faith to receive her healing.  Even though there were many obstacle before her, she pressed through and touched his garment or should I say, she tapped into that divine power that demolishes strongholds. 

I am sure Jesus was excited because he wanted to know who had touched him.  No way was he dismissing this.  He felt the anointing going out and he wanted to know who had this kind of faith.  In fact, he tells her that her faith made her well.  With faith, she leaped over the wall of infirmity.  With faith, we can leap over every wall erected to stop us.  J

It may have been years living behind some of our walls.  For me I could look over the wall into the promises God has given me, but never could quite experience them until I came into agreement in faith with what God was telling me and doing in my midst.  I began say no to the strongholds and say yes to his divine power. 

 “O Lord, you are my lamp.  The Lord lights up my darkness.  In your strength I can crush an army; with my God

I can scale a wall.”  2 Samuel 22:29-30

 He is our lamp which lights up the darkness.  He reveals the strongholds or walls and it is only with his strength do we crush them and scale the walls.  His way is perfect.  David tells us that it is only God who arms us with strength.

What walls do you need to scale?  Which ones have kept you locked up like a prisoner and you continue to say yes to?  Is it the now time to allow God to become your strength so that you can crush these walls.  Seize onto great faith and be determined to go through every obstacle no matter what others say or do.  Listen only to God for he loves it when we go forth in his strength and he will reward you. 

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