Identity theft affects each of in different ways and can come from several sources but often that which is pressed upon us. It is important to step back, examine how one sees themselves, and then evaluate if it is actually true or is it something that was placed upon us through circumstances, words others have spoken, or from what was expected or taught.

When you look in the mirror, what do you see – a failure or a success, a victim or a victor, devalued or highly regarded, ugly or beautiful? Destroy what is not true, become to change what you don’t like, and embrace all the greatness that is inside you. This section of my book tells the story of how her identity stemmed out of what was pressed upon her. She had never reconciled with this expectation, realized that she did not know who she actually was inside but instead lived defeated and depressed. Consider your story. What treasures lie within that speak volumes of who you actually are?

“A twenty-one year old woman sat before me, frustrated and angry with her mother. Everything about her mother irritated her beyond what she could understand. Every frustration was voiced but underneath the conversation something was lurking, a darkness that grew as her anger increased. It covered her like a blanket hovering from the air. I could sense a smirk from this darkness, indicating it was pleased with the conversation. Suddenly, a pressing question popped into my spirit that I knew was from the Lord, a question that would expose the root of her anger, and I immediately asked it. Shocked, she shifted her body, sucked in a deep breath, and became a little nine-year-old girl, lost, shamed, and hurt. Revealed before me was a child not only devastated by her parents’ divorce and her father’s abandonment, but one also shamed by her father’s shift in identity, when he began to claim that he was a female in a male’s body. His entire appearance, talk, and actions reflected this new identity, one that she could not reconcile with. Baffled by these changes of events, embarrassment, disgust, and humiliation became her new friends. The last straw was when her father, provocatively dressed as a woman, walked into her fourth grade classroom to pick her up. Now every kid in her class knew the secret she tried to hide. All of this caused her, too, to develop a new identity; in her mind, she was an oddity, “the transvestite’s daughter” – an identity she did not want to own. This new, false identity was deeply hooked into her parents, as they both expected her to embrace these changes and grow in acceptance of the lifestyle her father had chosen.Thus the root was exposed! Not only to me during that session but to her. God’s presence entered the room quickly, removing the blanket of darkness that hovered over her. Like an arrow hitting its mark,the lie became uncovered, unmasking its falsity with a vengeance. Immediately she knew she had taken on all this false identity that had been imposed on her. Like a bolt of lighting splits a tree in half exposing its core foundation, so did the Lord reveal to this young woman her true foundation. An amazing recall of Scriptures burst forth divulging the truth of who she was in Christ. She was totally set free, released from the confinement that had been pressed upon her and now liberated to fulfill her destiny.

Encounters bring to light what is keeping us from living free. It breaks off bondages that entrap us and cripple our thinking. Many times, these encounters strike us quickly causing an immediate shift in our belief system. It is like an awakening that sets us free from old mindsets and allows the truth to permeate. This young woman’s reality was made new in a flash. No longer hooked to her past embarrassment, she embraced God’s truth and identity.”