As I was preparing for a teaching on the limitation of fear for our Sunday morning service, I entered into a vision of a lion’s den that had many people inside. All around the den was a crowd of accusers sneering and laughing waiting to see the destruction of those inside the den. Some of those watching were crippled with fear. A mandate had been given to worship false idols and if they chose to go against the mandate, they too would be thrown in the den. Going against this mandate, in their minds, was not an option so they succumbed to the pressure to believe what was placed upon them. They did not feel strong enough to stand up for their own beliefs.

The Lord showed me that this is what is happening today. Surrounded by circumstances of hate, violence, and accusations to shut down the voices that represent God, a new level of fear has intensified.

As in the story of Daniel, the satraps out of jealousy, set up a false edict to get rid of Daniel. He was dedicated to worshiping the living God and refused to follow the edict. This angered the group of satraps who then went to the king and reported it. Daniel was thrown into the lion’s den.

In the vision, I sensed a mocking spirit coming against those who are standing up for the Living God. But behind the scene was another large spirit that had its arms crossed and was standing with its feet firmly planted. It loomed over the scene laughing and gloating over the Christians being placed in the den. In my spirit, I sensed that it was a Jezebel spirit that had risen in power within our country and within our churches. This spirit was working behind the scenes and like puppets on a string, those who were following its command, did not realize whom they were taking orders from. Those watching had scales over their eyes and were behaving like Zombies.

I heard the Lord say, ‘My called ones are currently in a lion’s den but I have sent my angels to shut the mouths of the lions. You have been found innocent in the Lord’s sight and have done nothing wrong except stand strong for ME. I will protect you. Do not fear what man can do but walk through the crowds just as my son, Jesus, did. You may be hated for my names sake but it will not affect you. I will make you a display of my glory and power for you carry my authority and love. You will not be hurt.’ I knew in my spirit that the mocking spirit and the Jezebel spirit power was being stripped away. The Spirit of the Lord stood higher as these two spirits diminished.

Later in the day after I had this vision, I went to lunch with a friend. As we walked into the restaurant, on both sides were individuals that have come against my walk with the Holy Spirit and the prophetic. My friend and I continued through the front area to the back room as we wanted to be able to chat privately. As we walked in the back room, most of the tables were full with one table in the corner empty. All eyes were upon us as we walked to the corner spot but it was not pleasant looks but rather eyes full of judgment and condemnation. As we sat down, I again went into the vision of a lion’s den. Odd as it was, I questioned the Lord what he was showing me. He began to reveal to me that the threat of the enemy’s lions no more will cause a reaction within. I realized that their eyes of judgment and condemnation did not move me nor did it intimidate me. I believe, in this new season we are in, we will walk through accusations, judgments, and condemnation with confidence. Mouths are being shut and our reputations are restored. We walk with confidence with a divine purpose and focus. Our new stance will in turn intimidate the enemy and cause a scattering. A new cry will go forth – not in defeat but in victory and praise toward the living God. Wisdom and deep secrets will be given to us and as we pray darkness is forced out. Light will shine brighter as we go forth in victory.

We may be in fiery trials that feel like we will be devoured but we will walk through them. Remember God changes the times and He is about to shift you into a new season of authority.