I think most people realize that I am out of the box spiritually. For many years I questioned the calling that was on my life, even subdued it for a period of time, and then reconciled that this is who God made me to be!

I want to speak to those who feel they do not fit in with the ‘so-called religious society’. All through the Bible, individuals struggled with who they were: Gideon felt like the lowest of the lowest in his clan. Moses felt incapable and could not speak right. Peter was rambunctious and often did not make the right choices. Paul was very direct and even offensive at times. Joseph was arrogant. Mary was very young and just a peasant girl. Yet each of them through difficult obstacles became influential to those around them.

I think one of the most important aspects for each of us is to be okay with who we are. I am not referring to bad behavior but characteristic aspects that God gave us, assignments that we are divinely called to, and strengths that some may refer to as weaknesses. Our culture tends to try to remold us into what they think we should be so it is not easy to stand out in various ways and be unique.

Perhaps it is time to reevaluate your uniqueness, assess your strengths, and reexamine how you effect those around you. I have been doing this for awhile and have discovered there are those out there that have the same type of gifting I have. In fact, I just met another person yesterday who is a pastor’s wife who operates similar to me. She spoke into my life in a powerful way. She was hesitate because many from the past had shut this gift down and caused her to bury it deep within. Because she was obedient, I have been set free at a deeper level than I had before. It was refreshing to be with someone who loves people and has a calling to break strongholds off their lives. This is my calling as well. It is not something we asked for but will step up and use it in spite of the opposition we receive. Why? Because it is better to please God and then watch as individuals change for the better.

We are all unique in our own way. This is how we were originally designed – to be ourselves. Be encouraged as you set into all that God created you to be. Even the strangest gifts can be fun! Most of the church does not understand the prophetic or the seer gifting or deliverance but it does not make it unbiblical. These gifts are revealed throughout the Bible and were used significantly to change nations. I encourage you to be yourself and expand your view of who you are. It is time to come into the fullness of who God created you to be.