This is the season of expansion! In 2 Kings 2, the Lord is about to take Elijah up to heaven in a whirlwind and Elisha is determined to receive a double anointing from his spirit. I find it interesting Elijah’s response. He said “You have asked a difficult thing” and “if you see me when I am taken from you, it will be yours – otherwise not”. Elisha then witnessed Elijah being taken up to heaven. He then tore his own clothes in half, picked up Elijah’s mantle, struck the waters, and it divided to the right and the left. He crossed over now walking out in the double anointing he had asked for.

Do you ever feel that what God has placed inside of you is too difficult? I know I have! It can be difficult on many levels yet the result of following through is worth any hardship that we go through. Elisha was not as concerned about the difficulty of staying near Elijah but rather was totally focused on obtaining the double portion promised to him. I believe we are in a season of refocusing on the promise instead of the difficulties we have been going through. We must readjust our focus if we want to obtain the promises God has for us.

Second, Elijah told Elisha that he must see him when he departs. What does this mean for us? As I pondered this, I realized Elisha had to stay close to his mentor, had to look to heaven as he was leaving in order to receive. I do know in order to receive anything from the Lord we must walk closely to Him who is our mentor for living a spirit-led life. We also must look to heaven for all wisdom in using the anointing God has given us. I wonder if Elisha’s tearing his own clothes is crucial for us as well – removing the old. He then picked up the new mantle God was giving him and immediately applied it to part the waters in front of him. What do you need to let go so you can move forward and receive all God has for you?

As the story continues, Elisha is informed by the men of the city, that their town has a good location but the water is bad and therefore the land is unproductive. The Lord immediately tells Elisha exactly what to do – “Bring me a new bowl and put salt in it” and after Elisha put the salt in the water, the water was healed and remains wholesome even to this day. God uses Elisha to restore an entire city after he picked up his new mantle. Not only do our personal lives need healing but our cities do as well. God wants to use us beyond ourselves! Get ready for He is calling you to expand your thinking around your abilities, your anointing, and your sphere of influence.

As I shared earlier in my video post, I had a vision of a small bowl that I was holding. I heard the Lord telling me that I was to get a new bowl and put salt in it. Then he said to go to the source of the bitter water and cast salt into it. As I did this in the vision, the bowl I was holding began to get larger so that I could not hold it with my hands but rather with my arms wrapped around it. It continued to grow becoming larger, deeper, wider, and much heavier. The bowl was made of beautiful, richly oiled wood so that it appeared vibrant. It became so large that I could not carry it alone anymore. Others circled around the bowl to help me hold it up.

I heard the Lord say, “More is coming – more, more, more – more finances, more opportunities, more open doors, more blessings, more treasures revealed – more, more, more. I am pouring our newness through my glory for those who want the more. If you want my more, then get ready! I will break off confusion, tiredness will be removed, energy restored, and my joy will abound over you. You must get ready for it will not look like anything you have experienced before. It is new – my plan for my glory.”

I also heard the Lord say, “You cannot manage ‘the more’ alone. I am bringing those around you to help you carry the greater I am bringing forth. Expansion, acceleration, clarity and growth is in the now. The enemy has been trying to block it but I have removed all hindrances. What is before you is a green light. Go – the harvest is ready.”

Don’t miss out on what the Lord has promised you. It is time for us to pick up the mantle God prepared us for. It does not matter how we view our calling whether it too small or too massive in our minds. God has given us a green light to go and step out in faith with the assignment he has specifically given us. His anointing is on it. Go with assurance that there is a harvest in your area waiting to be gathered for Him. Be determined not to allow your promise to pass you by.

I have included the video in case you missed it.