What stops your voice?  Do you fear speaking up even when truth is pounding within you?  In this season, God is calling us to add confrontation covered with love and truth.  Without it, many will perish as Hosea 4:6 tells us “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge”. 

 We can no longer allow the watered down version of truth to corrupt our souls.  I heard the Lord say that confrontation is a gift.  This gift when put into action will not only save our souls from corruption but will also save the next generation.   We need truth tellers today who will confront the verbiage of false information, confront abuse and bullying, and confront the wrongs that are infiltrating our lives.

 For many of us the word confrontation produces an array of emotions, high levels of anxiety, tension, uncomfortableness, and overall fear of engaging in any type of conflict.  Confrontation may be one of the scariest words spoken!  We need to look at confrontation with another lens, one that is biblical and full of truth.

 I have always been a person who ‘went with flow’.  I thought it was a great way to be but then I discovered the damage that was taking place on the inside.  I very seldom spoke up, voiced an opinion, or confronted in anyway.  I just sucked my breath in and took whatever was being said around me.  On the flip side, someone close to me was just the opposite – boisterous, aggressive, and always confronting.  Neither approach worked!  One lost on the inside while the other lost on the outside.  

Actually confrontation is a gift and when used properly can result in respect, creating strong relationships, healthy conversation, and mutual understanding.  When we look at it as conflict, it becomes scary and painful.  But if we consider confrontation as a form of resolution, it becomes a powerful resource that empowers us.

Those who fear confrontation allow their emotions to overpower their ability to communicate comfortably or effectively.  It results in our isolation, lack of confidence, and ultimately lack of any power.  When we learn how to confront, we also learn how to implement self-control, honesty, and ways to self-protect.  Confrontation is a way to gain back your power – power over who you are, power over your feelings,  and power of your choices. 

Several years ago, I had two major conflicts going on in my life – one was at my work place which seeped into my church life.  Some of my co-workers and I exposed a wrong that was harming younger people.  From this we were targeted with threats on a daily basis which also became very public.  At the same time, due to this conflict and a lack of understanding around the situation, it seeped into the church family.  This caused a major divide both at my workplace and at my church.  It was a time of intense confusion and destruction in relationships.  I soon learned I could no longer go with the flow.  God had called me to stand up to the wrongs that were taking place and protect those who were being taken advantage of.   He also was calling me to be a truth teller.  It was in this situation that I learned how to confront and not allow the fear of what others thought to quiet my voice. 

 It was during this time that God forced my voice to enter into a new level of truth.  I lost some friendships during that time and relationships changed because I had changed.  I believe God is called each of us to raise our voices and speak truth.   Difficult as that time was, many young people were saved from the devastation that had been taken place.  We must choose to address issues that are destroying lives physically and mentally.

Confrontation is a gift that God has given you to save a generation.  If we do not begin to speak up, the next generation will suffer as a result of the falsities that are being presented today.  He is calling forth his truth tellers to stand up to injustice and lies that have intentions of destroying our families, friendships, and our culture. Begin by seeking the Lord in how you have been reluctant or hesitant in speaking up.  Do a wellness check on how you are being damaged on the inside or damaged on the outside.  Then ask him for a direct step in retrieving your voice.  Become determined to be a truth teller.  

So over the next few blogs,  I am going to address some points to help us stand up verbally so we can implement truth to a new level.  You can listen to my podcast on A New Level Awaits You on Charisma podcast network or on my new youtube channel.  Learn how to use your gift of confrontation.