I was really blessed this Thanksgiving. So thankful for having my children, friends, and grandkids fill the house along with the many sounds they each create. The food seemed to be a side note this year. Instead team work, game competitions, and battle on the Voice took precedent. Naps had to wait as we focused on quality time with each other.

How did this happen, do you ask? Not sure except I took a few steps back and decided to focus on the necessities and not all the details. I did not worry about the what the house looked like, if all the dishes were made perfectly, or making sure everything was timed right. Instead I focused on each one who came and enjoyed my time with them.

As I was thinking about what took place, God reminded me that he too just focuses on the precious time we spend with him. He does not worry about all the details but the conversations we have together. He enjoys his children and loves spending time with us. He has much to share with us as we discover life together.

Do you battle with focusing on the details of life? Are you caught up with all the things you have to do? So many distractions tend to pull us into a world of busyness and distance. I feel the Lord is trying to get our attention and force us to step back and reevaluate what is important.

I received a message from an extended family member that I have never met. In fact, I never met his father but did know who his grandfather was. He is searching for information about his father whom he did not know much about. Sadly, families are split because of divorce, death, hurt, and trauma. I decided to help him find pieces of his story that got lost many years ago. It made me realize how family, friends, and quality time have taken a back seat for way too long.

Is it a coincident that I discovered a new relative I did not even know I had? I don’t think so. I believe God is restoring family and we need to assist him in whatever way we can. Instead of remaining in offense, we must chose love. Let’s not focus on hurt, rejection, or the cause of the split, but rather focus on healing every relationship we have left behind that God wants to restore.

A season of love is a choice we make not just because we are going into the Christmas season but because God created relationships for us to enjoy. It requires genuine actions and sincere words. There is too much fake out there! Time for the real to come forth and present itself with wholehearted love.