Hidden Treasures Within

Get ready to break out of your area of confinement into your flourishing promised land.

Do you find yourself stuck in a space that no longer fits you?
Do you know that there is so much more of yourself that you want to explore but cannot seem to break through whatever is hindering you? Hidden Treasures Within provides strategies from scripture which help you retrieve what has been stolen from you. We can receive healing emotionally and still not be able to get into position for promotion. It’s time to crash through your ceiling, learn how to fight from a stance of victory and be placed into that new level the Lord specifically designed for you.

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Are you ready to move through those whirlwinds that occur in your life? Too many of us get stuck and never seem to get back on course. Step into New Beginnings takes us through the journey of navigating eight phases so that we step into the very promises God designed for us. Lois shares revelation and insights revealed by God to help us make our transition into ‘the new thing’. 

Too often we find ourselves hurt, overwhelmed, or encumbered by devastating circumstances that are beyond our control. David knew the feeling well. Though anointed king, he was driven to the cave of Adullam when others wanted him dead – but in God’s time, he came forth ready to rule. Emerge shines light into the dark recesses of our “caves”. In this place we learn faith, intimacy, authority, perspective, deliverance, and so much more! 

Are you living a substandard life as a Christian? Then it’s time for a turnaround encounter! Turnaround encounters are life-changing. Just one encounter with God, His surpassing love and power, can bring about deliverance from bondage, clear a path to destiny, bring healing and other miracles, revelation, new purpose in life, and more.